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Lady Kharrazi works hard to create a better understanding between “East and West” through art and culture by sponsoring, participating and personally overseeing the organization of cultural events and concerts across the globe, jointly with international orchestras and joint ventures with the Jackson family to benefit Humanitarian causes from the revenues of ‘Jackson Five’ production. She has also established an art and cultural charity, the Toos Foundation.

Professional Biography

  • An accomplished artist: as a ballerina, and classical singer, having given concerts in the Middle East and Europe.
  • A successful business woman: as a property developer-designer in the Middle East, Europe and USA.
  • Founder of various trusts, companies and private banks, continuing as a consultant to many of them.
  • Founder and the President of Jamil Kharrazi Charitable Foundation and more recently of Toos Foundation.
  • A staunch supporter of the Arts and Human Rights with special interest in defence of womens rights.
  • Supporter and sponsor of children affected by armed conflict, including running of homes and shelters.