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  • Jamil Kharrazi Speaks at BICDO Charity Fair

    Jamil Kharrazi speaks at a charity fair organised by British Iranian Community Development Organisation (BICDO) in SOAS.

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  • A Charity Recital and Gala Dinner

    Lady Jamil Kharrazi attended a recital and gala dinner at the French Ambassador’s London residence on 13th Dec 2017. The event was in support of the charity Dispensaire Francais-Societe Francaise de Bienfaisance (French Clinic and French Benevolent Society)  and to celebrate its 150th anniversary. The charity includes amongst it benefactors HRH The Duchess of Cornwall.

  • Jamil Kharrazi at Sayat Nova

    Jamil Kharrazi attended a Sayat Nova event to meet the director, conductor, singer/music director and the dancer who had collaborated with some previous events of the Toos Foundation

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  • Jamil Kharrazi: We Won’t Turn Our Backs on Helpless Refugees

    The suspected gas attack brought minimal outrage from world leaders while the horror for innocents continues. who is going to help the civilians after Tuesday’s attack? it was the scene of a war crime that killed many including children. The United States, as well as Britain, France, and Turkey, blamed the attack on the Syrian government; the country’s military has denied involvement and instead placed the responsibility on rebels.

  • Jamil Kharrazi in Uganda: Second Chances at St. Peter’s Orphanage

    Orphans in Uganda’s capital are getting a second chance at life through the good work at a new orphanage named after Saint Peter, Said Lady Jamileh Kharrazi.

  • Jamil Kharrazi: Saudi Arabia and Women’s Rights

    Saudi Arabia was placed on a UN Commission for Women last Wednesday. This occurred amid significant protest from women’s groups. “Saudi discrimination against women is gross and systematic in law and in practice,” said the director of the human rights group UN Watch, Hillel Neuer.

  • Increased Access to Education Among Afghan Girls

    Empowering women and closing gender gaps is a proven method of enhancing economic productivity.  According to the International Monetary Fund now that 40% of the worldwide labor force is female, education and training opportunities for women and girls are even more important to economic development.  Overall economic productivity increases as women are trained to more fully utilize their skills and talents in the workplace.  This broader economic opportunity helps not only the women and girls themselves, it creates a more stable and functional society at-large.